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   Caregiver Conference – Carousel of Care,

September 9, 2016

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What a difference a day made for family caregivers.  Conference attendee Barbara Nance heard Frances Kakugawa’s keynote address, then went to Frances’ breakout session about journaling and poetry.  That day Barbara wrote her first journal entry and sent it to Frances for feedback, who transformed it into a lovely poem.  Barbara also attended a breakout session on Powerful Tools for Caregivers.  She went on to attend a six-week class series.

Rosy Bartsch, who has completed the six-week Powerful Tools class series, also attended Frances' address, followed by her breakout session on writing.  Her poem "The Dog with One Ear" follows below.

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Here is what Barbara wrote:

The main speaker was Frances Kakugawa.  To say she was inspirational is putting it mildly. She had us put our Thoughts down.  Keep a journal and write in it every day.

Here is what I wrote on Sept 9.

I feel overwhelmed right now from your talk.  

So inspiring and so unreachable for me.  Reach one baby step at a time.  Be calm be loving.  My husband is a love and so giving.  We hug and kiss every morning.  The tears are trying to flow.  Breathe – I can do this – Life Good – We are discovering a new path in our life – 

What will be will be.  We will work on his pain – me with love and not negativity – Protect him as you can – Be kind – Find your inner strength. Make joy!

Can’t wait to start reading Frances’s book.  Get a journal and start writing.


It was so disjointed that I was embarrassed to read it.  It seemed long but is really very short.  Thank you for your kindness and giving!

Barbara Nance

A New Path


One baby step at a time…

Be calm…be loving…

Breathe – 

I can do this –


I feel overwhelmed.

My husband is a love

Hugs and kisses 

Every morn.


Tears are flowing…


We will work on his pain – 

Me with love, not negativity.


I can do this…

Protect him –

Be kind – 

Make Joy!


I can do this.

   ©Barbara Nance

We still have a few copies of Frances’ book “I Am Somebody.”  

If you’d like to own a copy, please mail a check for $21.65 ($15.00 

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The Dog with One Ear 

9/30/16 by rosy bartsch

What does different really mean?
By what means do we
judge something odd?
What good comes from declaring?
Is it comfortably kind or blaring?
Who gets to be the one who decides 

what credentials are needed to deride? 

To belong must we take time to find 

someone else’s trait that is wrong?

To be free must we build a prison
for others we see?
What is so magical about symmetrical? 

The beauty of symmetry only endures 

when countered with variety.
What is really so awful about
a one eared dog?